Teeth Whitening


Have you been putting off your teeth whitening appointment because you think it’s too time consuming, expensive, or that it will make your teeth too sensitive? Have previous bad visits to an emergency dentist scared you from ever going to one again? Then look no further!

We offer smile makeovers in the Phoenixville area, with service that is guaranteed to satisfy you and make you want to always come back. Our expertise in cosmetic dentistry ensures that not only will your teeth be up to 8 shades lighter, they won’t experience ANY sensitivity.


This revolutionary whitening system provides a convenient method of obtaining professional quality whitening utilizing a highly effective LED activator light combined with the performance of the gel (44% Pharmaceutical Grade Carbamide Peroxide) for the ultimate in convenience and effectiveness.

While individual results will vary due to a number of factors, like the thickness of your existing enamel or shade at start of process, we guarantee that you will be happy with the results.

We also provide a host of other services, from dental implants, to invisible braces, and for added comfort, we safely practice sedation dentistry so you don’t feel any pain during any of our procedures.

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