What You Need to Know If You’re Thinking of Getting Clear Aligners

Clear aligners—or invisible braces—took the orthodontic industry by storm when they first came out. While having the perfect smile has always been important to people, traditional braces have held a lot of people back due to their metal-ish look, along with the diet and lifestyle changes required.

A lot of teens are hesitant to get traditional braces because they report being bullied because of them. At the same time, adults often don’t want people to know that they’re getting orthodontic treatments because of stigmas associated with braces and how they look. Clear aligners are perfect for all of these circumstances.

If you have been hesitant to finally go to a dentist to get your crooked teeth straightened, this blog will tell you everything you need to know about clear aligners before you get them.

Are They Expensive?

When clear aligners first came out under branded variants, they were prohibitively expensive for a lot of people. This is a perception that continues to this day, and dissuades a lot of people from even asking their dentist about the option.

However, there are all kinds of clear aligners available today; most of them as good as ClearCorrent or Invisalign, and at a fraction of the cost! If the only thing holding you back from aligning your teeth to perfection and achieving that perfect smile were the costs associated with Invisalign, that won’t be a problem anymore.

Do They Require a Lot of Care?

No! Invisible braces require far less care than traditional braces. Even though it’s advised to clean them every time you remove them, it barely takes two minutes. Cleaning is easy—here’s what you’re going to need:

  • Clear, anti-bacterial soft soap
  • Retainer brush/toothbrush
  • Retainer/denture cleaner

Simple, right? Let’s get started. Firstly, rinse the retainer in lukewarm water. Next, take some anti-bacterial soft soap and apply it to the brush. Now clean the retainer both inside and outside using gentle circular motions— remember not to apply to much pressure. Once this done, rinse with lukewarm water again.

Unlike traditional braces, clear aligners can also be taken off during meals. This means that they don’t require you to give up on certain types of foods neither do they require you to be extra careful.


Is the Process Long and Painful?

One of the most important reasons why individuals often opt out of getting traditional brace is the pain associated with them. Even though experienced dentists make installation as painless as possible; clear aligners don’t cause any pain at all.

The process begins with taking a mold of your teeth. They then create a digital scan that is used to suggest stages between your teeth right now and how you want them to look. These are then used to make your aligners, which take a few days to be developed. That’s all there is to it.

For most people, the entire treatment process lasts just over a year, while it can take longer depending on your teeth.

Looking for a great cosmetic dentist in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania? Smile by Design’s Dr. Rebecca Mostatab has helped countless patients achieve the perfect smiles through invisible aligners— get in touch today by calling at (484) 920-3687 to get started with yours!

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